Join Forces to Redefine Indian Coffee Experience

TONE collaborates with Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters to introduce cutting-edge brewing technology to India’s specialty coffee market.

TONE Coffee Machines, a Swiss company specializing in energy-efficient and intelligently designed brewing technology, announces its collaboration with Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, India’s largest specialty coffee brand. This is TONE’s first major appearance in the Indian market, and is expected to revolutionize the Indian coffee scene with its state-of-the-art brewing equipment, the Touch 03.

TONE was born from a vision of elevating the precision of temperature and flow control in tea and filter coffee brewing equipment. Inspired by technological innovations from the espresso industry, TONE sought out global design and engineering experts to create a better, smarter, and more thoughtful brewing device. By combining the expertise of specialty coffee and tea professionals with engineers from the medical device and aerospace industries, TONE developed the world’s first boilerless and energy-optimized brewer. In fact, TONE’s trailblazing products offer precision control of temperature and flow, consuming a remarkable 10 times less energy than traditional equipment. 

The company’s easy-to-use software and firmware enable users to define consistent brewing parameters and unlock an unprecedented number of recipes. This level of control and efficiency ensures unparalleled brewing perfection while minimizing environmental impact.

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, India’s pioneer in specialty coffee, has been instrumental in shaping and elevating the country’s coffee culture to global standards. With headquarters in Gurgaon and operations in multiple Indian cities and Japan, Blue Tokai is renowned for its commitment to quality and accessibility. The company sources the finest Indian beans, expertly roasts them to enhance their flavors, and in the process has garnered a loyal customer base across its website, over 70 cafes, retail outlets, luxury hotels, restaurants and corporates.

Matt Chitharanjan, Co-Founder and CEO of Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, expressed, “At Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, we are deeply committed to getting more people to appreciate and enjoy Indian specialty coffee, and our collaboration with TONE is a step forward towards that aim.” He further added, “By being able to offer multiple coffees with specific recipes tailored for each coffee, we expect to generate interest and curiosity amongst cafe visitors, with a goal of highlighting the wide flavor notes and, thus, expanding the category. By automating the brewing process, we can ensure consistency in every cup, while also giving more time to our baristas to engage with the customers directly.

Jörg Krahl, Managing Director at TONE, emphasized the significance of this partnership, saying, “The collaboration between TONE and Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters is a great success for TONE and a first step towards our enormous potential in the Indian coffee market. We see a great opportunity in India and look forward to going down this path with Blue Tokai.

Together, TONE and Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters are set to redefine the coffee experience in India. By automating the brewing process with TONE’s state-of-the-art technology, the collaboration ensures consistency in every cup while allowing baristas more time to engage directly with customers. This partnership aims to introduce Indian coffee enthusiasts to an unmatched sensory journey, showcasing specialty coffee’s diverse flavors and profiles.

For more information about TONE’s innovative brewing equipment and its collaboration with Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, users can visit TONE’s official  and Blue Tokai’s website.