A Technological Marvel Ushering in a New Era of Coffee Brewing and Extraction

Discover the Future of Coffee Brewing: Introducing TONE Touch 04 at SCA Expo in Portland, Oregon.

Coffee enthusiasts and professionals alike will witness a brewing revolution as TONE Kaffeemaschinen AG unveils its groundbreaking filter coffee batch brewer, the TONE Touch 04. Visitors to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Expo in Portland, Oregon will be able to see the energy efficient, precision-controlled device, at booth #2377 hosted by GH Grinding & Brewing solutions. The TONE Touch 04 seamlessly blends innovative design with cutting-edge technology, and is set to transform and elevate the art of coffee brewing in cafes and restaurants worldwide.

Jörg Krahl, Managing Director of TONE, is elated with the impending launch: “The TONE Touch 04 transcends conventional brewing machines by enabling baristas to tap into the full potential of their coffee and tea beverages while using 10x less energy than a traditional brewer. Leveraging unique boiler-less technology and customizable recipe buttons, the Touch 04 grants unparalleled precision control over agitation, flow rates, and pulse patterns—achieving higher extractions than any other brewer in existence.

TONE’s vision materialized by uniting specialty coffee and tea experts with world-class medical device and aerospace engineers. The result is a trailblazing, energy-efficient, boiler-less brewer—controlled by sophisticated software. Now, operators can have an unprecedented number of recipes with consistent brewing parameters while also being environmentally responsible.

In the words of TONE’s founder Holger Welz:The TONE Touch 04 signifies a true evolution in brewing and extraction. It’s more than a machine—it’s an indispensable tool for creating consistently perfect cups of coffee.” 

The latest iteration in TONE’s line of Swiss precision brewers builds upon its acclaimed Touch 03 model. The key enhancements include optimized brewing capacity ranging from one to four liters, unlimited recipe customization via the TONE Beverage Manager software, and a built-in descaling valve. Both the Touch 04 and the TOUCH 03 are eco-friendly as they consume ten times less energy than traditional brewing equipment – an unprecedented standard.

Beyond its exceptional brewing capabilities, the TONE Touch 04 embodies simplicity and convenience with its intelligent brewing system and “black-box” maintenance approach. Another add on is the previously unavailable water bybass, which now enables simple pre-programmed water dosing. This innovative product empowers baristas to effortlessly fine-tune recipes and cater to the diverse preferences of coffee aficionados.

The Industrial Designer Thomas Liebe adds that the product’s impact extends beyond mere technological advancements: “The TONE Touch 04 brings a new level of simplicity and elegance to consumers’ coffee experiences.”

As anticipation for the TONE Touch 04’s unveiling at SCA Expo continues to brew, coffee professionals and enthusiasts are eager to experience this game-changing innovation firsthand. For more information about TONE and its state-of-the-art products, visit www.tone-swiss.com.