28. November 2018

The Touch 02 has been on the road for the very first time revealing itself at an Orang Utan Coffee Project event, at the Crown Plaza Towers in Copenhagen. Hosted by the Kontra Coffee Roastery, and the BC Hospitality Group’s Orango Coffee Shop, Tone has been part of an informative soiree highlighting environmental responsibility, sustainable coffee plantation and the Indonesian rainforest’s future. After a presentation about the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP), by Dr. Ian Singleton, director of the SOCP, Holger Welz explained the importance and approach of the Orang Utan Coffee Project. As Tone aims to deliver coffee lovers the greatest coffee experience, we offered a subsequent coffee tasting, dedicated to the project. – to make the participants taste the greatness of Orang Utan Coffee and to show what’s possible with the ultimate Brewing Solution.