26. February 2019

The Tres Cabezas Roastery in Berlin isn’t only a place to enjoy a good cup coffee. It’s a place where sustainable values and a responsible handling of the coffee bean are principles which are held dear to produce the finest specialty coffees. With this in mind, the roastery includes Orangutan Coffee to its programme and enhances the communication to increase their consumers’ awareness for a more sustainable coffee consumption.

A key aspect of this mission is the organisation of an Orang Utan Coffee Project event in their associated coffee shop 19grams. – one of the first German brew bars creating their filter coffees with ttmoretone According to the motto “It’s (not) all about coffee’: Holger Welz provided insights into the problematic environmental situation in Indonesia and how the Orang Utan Coffee Project operates to develop local economies, preserve the environment and, particularly, to save orangutans from extinction. Every exported kilo of coffee can make a difference and has a direct impact supporting and combining sustainable coffee plantation with the conservation of rainforests as the habitat and livelihood of orangutans, other species and humans. To conclude the lecture, 19gram’s Touch 01 has been part of giving the participants of the soiree their greatest coffee experience.