December 2020

In FL/P we use different TONE products. During the summer, for example, nitro was extremely popular. We prepared coffee and tea according to different recipes and constantly surprised our guests. Everyone also liked the cool design of the equipment.

We also have a big TONE for filter coffee. Using it you can make single-serve coffee or tea as well. Our baristas use it to its fullest potential. Guests who drink filter coffee form a separate category: they are in a rush and don’t choose, drinking what’s ready. Those who want a certain type of coffee or tea are completely different. They stimulate us to experiment with the big TONE. From time to time we corrected the settings. It took a while to learn how to work with it. But the main thing is that this way the baristas can communicate with the guests and pay more attention to the service not focusing on infusion. We like these little ‘showers’ that allow us to make different drinks serving filter coffee at the same time. The TONE TOUCH 03 came just to the opening of our new coffee shop. With it you have an opportunity to program four different profiles. We set them up using computer.

This machine looks really stylish. And brews both coffee and tea in a variety of ways too! 🙂 Moreover, it takes up little space on the counter and, again, frees the baristas from having to stand over the cup and monitoring the temperature. The settings are very extensive. You can set the time and pulse, the speed at which water is poured and the temperature. It instantly adjusts to the desired temperature. For example, you can brew a pour over and then immediately switch to a tea. Even though the temperature difference will be around 10 degrees, there is no need to wait. Just push the button!

FL/P likes both the way it works and the design. We love our Swiss friends and take that chance to say hello to them with a great pleasure!